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The Vantive Leadership Team has been conducting research related to the business results stemming from the selection and deployment of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software since 1988.

Our research and analysis focuses on two areas.

  1. The most useful and highest payback business benefits and results to be achieved with enabling software and how to specifically maximize those benefits;

  2. Why enterprise software projects fail, and how such failures can be proactively mitigated.

Our organization is extremely unique due to this focus and experience. Much of our application software research is published by our sister organization, Vantive Media, on some of the industry's most visited websites (such as,, and many others) as well as syndicated by ERP consulting firms and recognized media organizations.

We also deliver our research as part of our Executive Education program, which includes private inhouse briefings, periodic presentations at universities and semi-public seminars, such as our currently active Financial Systems Seminar.

saas ERP Consultant & Advisory Services

Vantive delivers project leadership services for the planning, deployment and post-implementation of ERP, HRIS and CRM software applications.

Our CRM, HRIS and ERP consultant approach is limited to project leadership, project management and related advisory services such as business process reengineering and change management programs.

Having project managed the top business applications for over two decades, we have very strong expertise with enterprise software systems such as Oracle, SAP, Infor,, Microsoft and others, however, we are vendor independent, not financially affiliated with any software vendor and do not offer application software consulting services; instead electing to delegate these services to the vendors, their partners or client inhouse resources.

We've also developed deep expertise with several disruptive technologies such as the cloud, social media, mobile technologies, Big Data and Customer Experience (CX). We're the first to recognize that most of these enabling technologies are used as over-hyped buzzwords by software vendors trying to promote their wares. But we also know that when correctly understood, tightly positioned and backed with clear vision, measurable objectives and proven execution frameworks these technologies can add the single biggest value and ROI to traditional ERP, HRIS and CRM applications.

saas HRIS, CRM & ERP Help

Vantive's unique combination of research, analysis, project leadership and over two decades of application software design and deployment experience allows us to offer the best Project Rescue program in the enterprise software industry.

This application software program is personally managed and delivered by the Vantive leadership team, all of whom are senior consultants with over 20 years of full-time enterprise software design and deployment experience.

Our expertise lies at the intersection of business objectives and enabling CRM, HRIS & ERP software, and we're generally able to quickly ascertain whether a troubled application software project is recoverable, and if so, recommend specific actions in how to most effectively move forward.

Enterprise software adopters generally don't recognize the magnitude of the problem until repeated delays show that prior estimates and forecasts were inaccurate, and then find themselves caught in a downward spiral that is difficult to escape.

Fortunately, objective analysis, level heads and seasoned practitioners that have been there before can bring sound advice and a steady hand to recover the majority of these troubled implementations.

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