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Vantive—An ERP Company and Expert in ERP Selection & ERP Implementation

Vantive Enterprises is a management consultancy that specializes in enterprise software research and analysis as well as project management for the selection and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financial, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems. Vantive maintains a staff of analysts, researchers and veteran consultants.

What makes the company unique is a four-fold combination of applying application software research for higher impact results, maximizing the synergistic combination of process innovation with enabling technologies, retaining only senior consultants who average 20+ years of full-time experience and maintaining absolute independence so that our ERP consultant and advisory services are both expert and unbiased. The company is 100 percent independent of any and all software vendors and other vested interests that may compromise information analysis or client advice.

Vantive Credentials

  • ERP, HRIS & CRM Research—Creating and curating focused application software research allows us to apply empirical results and lessons learned as inputs to our client projects, and thereby accelerate time frames, reduce errors and achieve higher impact results with greater predictability.

  • Process Innovation—Enterprise software research clearly shows that process improvements coupled with new enabling technology deliver a payback in excess of 220 percent, on average, when compared to new technology alone. Our research, training and focus in delivering expert advisory services at the intersection of process innovation and application software in unmatched.

  • Experienced Consultants—Vantive retains some of the most experienced and recognized consultants in the industry. Our project managers and consultants have an average of just over 20 years, full-time experience (which is generally unheard of in this industry). We strive to maintain continuity of consultant(s) for the life of the client relationship. Our business model does not support hiring inexperienced professionals which ‘learn on the job’ or the typical pyramid structure with a senior consultant at the top but much less experienced consultants (who are actually delivering the client services) in lower layers.

  • Independence and Objectivity—We offer independent, unbiased assessments of potential application software solutions. We are independent from all software vendors and place the highest level of importance on our ethical, unbiased business practices. As we don’t implement any specific CRM, Financial, HRIS or ERP system or have trained consultants with expertise limited to certain software packages, we have no financial or other vested interest in which application software our clients may choose.

Our company mission is to deliver the highest value enterprise software consulting services which directly contribute to increased company performance and competitiveness. Vantive analysts and consultants are the best in the world at delivering expert, objective and practical advice for business leaders involved in researching, evaluating, selecting and implementing Financial Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Vantive's success is in part due to a void in the marketplace, and in particular, the overwhelming number of inexperienced consultants employed by large accounting firms or system integrators as well as the client frustrations associated with typical consulting results or deliverables ending up as ‘text book’ or ‘packaged’ presentations that do not provide lasting operational value to the organization. We stand unique, ready and able to partner with organizations seeking exceptional results from the combination of improved processes, empowered people and enabling technology.






Vantive delivered the ERP consultant leadership and know-how to make our ERP software investment work as hard and as well as the rest of the business."

—Eric Krung, CEO, BB&C


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