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CRM, HRIS & ERP Project Rescue and Recovery

Our project recovery practice is designed to reassess and possibly recover run-away CRM, HCM/HRIS and ERP implementation projects. Our experience in this area shows that while extreme makeovers are sometimes necessary, more often that not the adoption of a proven deployment framework can salvage at least some prior efforts and return the application software implementation to its original objectives.

Enterprise software deployments are challenging. Orchestrating new organizational changes and the right mix of people, processes and technology assembled around a central vision will invariably incur user resistance, company culture implications, technology challenges, turf battles and possibly sub-optimization whereby goals of certain people or lines of business are not aligned with the organization’s goals.

Many times the first response to a challenged project is to retreat by reducing the project scope. This can be a reasonable reaction, but should be recognized in the context of the larger picture which includes the slated objectives, the benefits to be realized and the project investment payback. Simply reducing enterprise software scope because the going gets tough is likely to incur even greater downstream challenges when management recognizes the projected ROI has disappeared (making continued investment a poor business decision) or managers and users recognize they’re not getting what they were promised (and thereby greatly impacting user buy-in, user adoption and change management challenges).

When application software projects fail to meet multiple deadlines, management is often left with overly technical explanations and unsubstantiated estimates which leave their decision making to guesswork. When the project budget is exceeded, management is left wondering whether continued investment will ultimately achieve the business objectives and a software payback, or they are simply throwing good money after bad.

In approaching a troubled application deployment project, our senior practitioners can bring expertise and objectivity to reassess the original vision, validate the objectives, understand how the application software specifically aligns to those objectives, corroborate underlying technologies, determine if business processes or process improvements support the objectives and application, and vet the human capital resources such as the project team, line of business leaders and all stakeholders.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many CRM, HRIS and ERP implementation projects fail outright, while an ever larger number fail to achieve their slated objectives or deliver a return on investment. The good news is that the lion’s share of failed projects fail for a relatively small number of reasons. We’ve been researching and analyzing failed CRM, HRIS and ERP software projects since 1988 and can apply our research and knowledge to a troubled project in order to identify the root cause analysis and the highest contributing factors in relative short order. Once our diagnosis is complete, we also offer professional opinion on whether and how the project can be resuscitated in order to achieve the original or modified goals. With this information, management has an objective assessment with measurable investment and outcomes to make an informed decision.





After missing multiple time frames and approaching ERP failure, we knew we needed ERP help. Vantive brought a much needed combination of experience and leadership, and rebounded the ERP project to a very successful outcome."

—Kevin Hill, CFO, United Healthcare



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