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When ERP, HRIS and CRM business applications directly correlate with the company’s vision, strategy and execution, they can deliver extraordinary value to revenue objectives, empower managers and staff with real-time information and insights, and decrease operational costs, business cycle times and labor expense. Of course, creating this alignment and selecting the optimal CRM, HRIS or ERP application software is easier said than done.

The proliferation of business applications and enterprise software products has increased exponentially since the turn of the century. In our January 2013 count, there were over 210 accounting system products, 170 ERP software solutions, 220 HR and Payroll or HRIS applications, and 330 CRM systems that sell into the North American marketplace alone. And when you consider that no application software vendor in any category retains a majority share even within defined segments, the wide and diverse availability of application software can be overwhelming to business leaders and IT executives.

Vantive CRM, HRIS and ERP software selection advisory services can bring structure and proven methodologies to client engagements which result in an accelerated process while at the same time reduces risk and prepares the organization for organizational change and a streamlined software implementation. For example, when you recognize that among the top tier ERP systems, about 72 percent of their ERP application functionality is undifferentiated, you can reallocate the bulk of your ERP project time away from the overlapping and common feature sets toward the roughly 30 percent of unique capabilities that separate the applications and most contribute to making the optimal ERP selection decision.

The Vantive Enterprise Software Framework ensures that CRM, HRIS and ERP software selection projects are performed in a controlled environment that has been proven successful for over a decade, saves times by using a suite of accelerator tools and templates, includes business process improvement maps and best practices for increased value when combined with new technology, and lays a solid foundation for the optimal integration of people, process and technology in the subsequent implementation.

ERP Review

Successfully navigating CRM, HRIS and ERP selection and software evaluation requires finding the balance between the business application comprehensiveness and complexity, and its ability to enable specific business strategies with automation and information. To focus limited time in the right areas, and to achieve a measured analysis of each business software system under consideration, we often use a framework tool referred to as the Vantive Cubes™ to compare and contrast the criteria deemed most important in multi-dimensional evaluations.

ERP Evaluation

The six sides to each Vantive Cube include i) User Experience ii) Prioritized Feature Sets iii) Software Agility and Automation iv) Enabling Technologies v) Vendor Viability & Partnership and vi) Price/Performance, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI. By weighting and prioritizing each of the Cube dimensions pursuant to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound) objectives, enterprise software systems can be fairly compared and would-be customers can understand specifically where each business application meets or fails to meet expectations.






During the ERP review, when gathering business requirements, most users will tell you anything you ask about …. and nothing more."













What is not effectively documented is comparable to having never been said, and is likely forever lost in making ideas actionable and results measurable."


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